Nov 05, 2008

Bottle Water Refill Machine

The latest bottle water refill machine from Water Vendors by Us, the WV-4000F-SP, utilizes a simple relay control system to give operators ease of maintenance and years of trouble-free operation. Customers bring their recyclable bulk bottles and refill at the fraction of the cost of bottled water.

Each machine is equipped with a six-stage filtration system that purifies city tap water into high-quality drinking water that is 98% free of all contaminants.

Income from the bottle water refill machine can be rewarding for operators. For instance, with only 20 customers filling a 5-gal bottle per day for $1.25 each, monthly income would be $750 while the cost of producing this amount of water is less than $75.

Maintenance is also easy—an operator is required to perform a few simple tests on a monthly basis to determine the timing for filter changes. Machines come with a one-year warranty on all parts.