Apr 08, 2011

Challenge Technology Introduces New Oxygen Demand Monitor

Portable monitor is designed for use in harsh wastewater environments

The new Challenge Technology Oxygen Demand Monitor (ODM-100) is a portable continuous oxygen demand monitor. The rugged unit can be installed or moved from location to location in a wastewater facility for a full analysis of oxygen demand on specific plant operations.
The PLC-controlled unit operates in a continuous mode or sequential batch mode for versatile oxygen demand information. Continuous mode can be used for toxicity detection and trend monitoring. The sequential batch mode can be used for OUR fingerprint analysis for optimizing aeration, nitrification, denitrification, RAS ratios and overall aerobic digestion efficiency.
The Challenge Technology Oxygen Demand Monitor is designed for operation in harsh wastewater plant environments with easy to use touch screen controls for setup and customization for specific monitoring needs.
The ODM-100 is supplied with a submersible sampling pump controlled by the PLC with proprietary anti-clog methods used for trouble free operation. The ODM-100 is equipped with a peristaltic feed pump for inputting a waste in question directly into the unit to monitor its impact on your mixed liquor, ideal for trucked-in waste. All information can be fed directly to a SCADA system via 4-20ma output.