CarteGraph Software Adds New Client

The city of Tuscola, Ill., teams up with CarteGraph Systems, Inc., of Dubuque, Iowa, with the purchase of SEWERview, STORMview, WATERview and MAPdirector for ArcGIS. Tuscola joins the hundreds of other entities utilizing CarteGraph Software to achieve better efficiencies in their organizations.
A small community of 4,490 residents, the city will be working closely with Douglas County, Ill., as they implement this new software system. Douglas County has been using CarteGraph for a year and will maintain the main database for Tuscola, while giving access to the city over the VPN.
“Working with Douglas County and CarteGraph was an advantageous arrangement for us,” said Drew Hoel, Tuscola’s city administrator. “It also allows us to work more efficiently while being involved in GIS.”
In addition to working closely with Douglas County, Tuscola purchased SEWERview, STORMview, WATERview and MAPdirector for ArcGIS to get a better handle on tracking and maintaining its assets.
With CarteGraph software, Tuscola is finding a better way to serve its constituents, while maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of its organization.

CarteGraph Systems, Inc.

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