Carson Industries, Adaptor, Inc. Launch Line Based on VBAII Valve Box Adaptors

Carson Industries, a Glendora, Calif.-based leader in underground enclosures for water and other utilities, announced that they have joined forces with Adaptor, Inc. of West Allis, Wis., to launch a line of devices to stabilize, align, seal and protect the interface between gate valves and valve boxes, based on Adaptor, Inc.’s VBAII Valve Box Adaptors.
The product line, to be part of Carson’s “V-Guard” line of valve and valve box accessories, is made in the U.S. of recycled rubber and installs positively in the bottom of cast iron or other types of valve boxes to keep the valve box centered over the operating nut during backfill, protects the coating of the valve (to prevent corrosion) and seals out groundwater, soil or other debris that may prevent the valve from being operated.
Mike Gagas, owner of Adaptor, Inc. and inventor of the VBAII, said, “Recent AWWA standards recommending that valves be exercised at least annually have really brought to light the number of installation problems that exist with boxes that shifted during backfill, making it impossible to operate the valve. The expense of digging up a valve to realign the operator is astronomical, so utilities are really looking for an ‘insurance policy’ to make sure that doesn’t happen. Our VBAII’s are a very cost effective way to do that, and also provide protection to the valve coating and make it easier to backfill.”
Mark Edwards, Carson Industries vice president of Municipal Water Products, said, “We saw a real need for this type of product, so we set out in search of a solution. The VBAII is by far the highest quality and most secure product of its type, and the only device that provides the added feature of corrosion protection, which is really significant in places with ‘hot’ soils. We are really excited to be able to partner with Adaptor, Inc. to make the VBAII part of our V-Guard line.”

Carson Industries

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