California Voters Approve Safe Drinking Water Proposition

Porter Novelli Sacramento played major roles in winning voter approval of a California statewide ballot measure -- Proposition 50 -- designed to safeguard the state's water supply.

Proposition 50, the $3.4 billion water bond, captured 55 percent of the vote. Porter Novelli worked to bridge the gap between northern and southern California on the divisive issue of water by assembling a diverse coalition representing all parts of the state. The measure had the strong support of the Northern California Water Association, the Association of California Water Agencies, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and key business and environmental leaders in the state.

A key element in the passage of Proposition 50, was the successful effort to position the measure with voters as the key to keeping the water flowing in California, ensuring a stable, safe and reliable supply to all the state's communities. Proposition 50 also provides critical funding for CalFed, the groundbreaking state-federal partnership working to restore the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

Porter Novelli Sacramento

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