Jul 17, 2009

Calgon Carbon Launches Seminars on Emerging Contaminants, Disinfection Byproducts

Five seminars throughout the fall to address origin and treatment of these contaminants

Calgon Carbon Corp. has developed an informative technical and methodologies overview concerning emerging contaminants and disinfection by-products compliance. The company is hosting a series of seminars throughout the U.S. that address the origin and treatment of these two classes of contaminants in drinking water, plus the benefits of utilizing activated carbon and ultraviolet technologies for these and other drinking water and wastewater challenges.

The presence of drugs, personal care products and other substances used within the home, in the workplace or in farming communities is being identified in municipal water supplies through increasingly stringent testing. Commonly referred to as “emerging contaminants,” early reports indicatet detection of anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, non-prescription drugs, caffeine and insect repellent in water sources at very low concentrations, many in parts per trillion.

The seminar series began on June 4 in Cincinnati. All attendees surveyed responded that they would recommend the seminar to a coworker or colleague.

Dates and locations for the remaining five seminars are:

• Aug. 19, 2009, Austin, Texas;
• Aug. 26, 2009, Atlanta;
• Sept. 9, 2009, Columbus, Ohio;
• Oct. 20, 2009, Los Angeles; and
• Nov. 4, 2009, Boston.

For more information on the seminars, visit www.calgoncarbon.com or call 800.422.7266.