Feb 25, 2008

Calgary On Target to Reach Water Goals

Water use per person dropped for the third time

Calgary, Alberta, Canada's latest year-end water efficiency report reveals the city is on target to reduce water consumption by 30% over 30 years, accommodating a projected population of 1.5 million by 2033, the Calgary Sun reported.

The average use of water per person dropped last year for the third time, the report said.

Nancy Stalker of Water Services credited city technology incentives, programs and educational campaigns for Calgarians being water wise at home and work, the paper reported.

Installing more than 11,000 water meters, more than 6,400 low-flush toilets, using water wisely outdoors and checking for leaks also contributed.

Completion of the residual treatment facilities at the Bearspaw Water Treatment Plant has reduced the amount of water drawn from the river each year.