May 29, 2007

Cadmus Announces $27.8 Million Drinking Water Contract With EPA

The Cadmus Group, Inc. has won a five-year, $27.8 million contract with the EPA Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water (OGWDW). The contract, “Drinking Water Regulation Development and Implementation with an Emphasis on Engineering,” was signed on May 3. Under this contract, Cadmus will support the National Drinking Water Program’s full rulemaking process and will assist EPA in developing technical guidance to aid the implementation of new and revised rules.

Cadmus’ role will include helping EPA identify emerging drinking water contaminants that should be considered for nationwide regulation as National Primary Drinking Water Standards. The firm also will assist the Agency in reviewing existing drinking water regulations to determine whether they should be revised to better address current conditions.

“We have supported OGWDW and its mission for more than 20 years and this contract award is a testament to the hard work, expertise, and dedication demonstrated by our staff in serving the Office,” said Cadmus president Ian Kline. “We are excited to have this opportunity to continue to support OGWDW and other Office of Water program offices in their vital work of protecting public health and the environment.”

The Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water, together with states, tribes, and its many partners, protects public health by ensuring safe drinking water and protecting ground water. OGWDW, along with EPA's ten regional drinking water programs, oversees implementation of the Safe Drinking Water Act, which is the national law safeguarding tap water in America.

As the prime contractor, Cadmus will also oversee the work of its team of 13 subcontractors and several consultants who were part of the winning proposal.