Aug 29, 2008

Brevini Plans Improvements, Expansions to Product Lines

Company's gearboxes fulfill the need for high torque from a small package

Brevini Power Transmission, a company that specializes in the application of planetary gearboxes with hydraulic and electric motors for low-speed, high-torque equipment, recently introduced the S Series line, which is more compact, more efficient, has better resilience to shock and is capable of delivering more torque. Additionally, the S series technology has been applied to their line of winch drives.

Brevini’s gearboxes are installed in a variety of applications, the common thread being the need for high torque from a relatively small package.

“Our gearboxes are one of the primary keys to the efficiency and productivity of the equipment we are a part of,” said Tony Sample, sales and marketing manager, Brevini USA. “Specifically to the water and wastewater treatment industries, we supply gearboxes that have been enhanced to beCtter meet the demands of the applications. For example, we supply torque-limiting systems to protect against catastrophic failures.”

Brevini products are unique because they are innovative and because of the breadth of products available, Sample said. They can offer unique solutions due to a wide range of ratios, model sizes, input and output configurations, and strive to provide steady improvements to products.

Brevini Power Transmissions is one of only a few companies in the world that manufacture planetary, bevel, helical and combinations of these gear products. Their scope of products gives them the unique ability to supply all the transmission needed for an application.

“We are not satisfied with what we have accomplished,” Sample said. “It’s in our nature to ask ourselves if we can improve. Through our retrospective quests, we find new answers to our inquiries. This insures we will continue to bring the best value and solutions to the water and wastewater industries.”