Dec 28, 2000

Breakthrough Made in Chemical-Free Maintenance of Cooling Tower/Condenser Water

STONEHAM, Mass.--A chemical-free breakthrough in
cooling tower and condenser water treatment systems has been announced by the
A.W. Chesterton Company.
The VRTX (Vortex) System eliminates the need for
chemical treatment in cooling towers and related systems. Cooling towers use
water to remove heat from large manufacturing and processing facilities. By
design and use, they are one of the largest users of water and the source of a
major portion of industrial wastewater.
VRTX uses a patented technology that mechanically
removes scale deposits, algae and slime from the water. Traditionally, to
eliminate scale build-up, most cooling towers throughout industry use chemicals
that are increasingly hazardous to the environment and adversely affect
wastewater treatment facilities.
The A. W. Chesterton Company, based in Stoneham,
Mass., also announced the launch of its new VRTX Technologies Division in San
Antonio, Texas, to manufacture, market and service the patented VRTX System.
"The EPA continues to place restrictions on
the use of chemicals in cooling towers," said Robert Kelsey, Vice
President/General Manager of VRTX Technologies. "With the Chesterton VRTX
System, we've achieved a chemical-free solution in cooling tower treatment and
can offer a viable cost effective alternative to conventional methods of
chemical treatment while dramatically reducing water consumption and discharge
(no "blow-down", or sewage and disposal issues).
"This has numerous environmental and economic
benefits," Kelsey pointed out. "In addition to attacking scale
build-up, these benefits include corrosion reduction, decreased maintenance and
energy costs and improved operating efficiency."
As a result of "predictable, reliable and
consistent" benefits, the VRTX System recently was named "Product of
the Year" by Plant Engineering magazine.
The VRTX System contains a vacuum lens inside the
chamber that strips out carbon dioxide and other dissolved gases, thereby
accelerating the formation of non-sticking calcium carbonate. This, combined
with the high shear forces in the chamber, alters the chemical state of
dissolved calcium forming calcium carbonate, which then precipitates out. The
removal of gases combines with the increased pH to control corrosion. The water
to be treated is pumped directly from the holding basin. Nothing is added to the
water and no toxic materials or gases are released.
The VRTX System has been in use at numerous cooling
tower/condenser installations during the past several years as beta sites and as
customers. The system requires no chemicals to purchase, far less water used and
energy and maintenance attention savings. Further, in some states, municipal
water authorities reimburse companies up to 50% of the purchase price of water
savings devices such as the VRTX System.
SOURCE: A.W. Chesterton Co.