Jul 28, 2009

Bord na Móna Installations Mark 15 Years of Operation

Puraflo systems installed in Alabama and Virginia have operated continuously, still running

Bord na Móna Environmental Products U.S., Inc. recently announced that Puraflo installations in Alabama and Virginia have surpassed 15 years of continuous, trouble-free operation and are still going strong.

According to Shane Keaney, president of Bord na Mona Environmental Products U.S., Inc., the long-term performance, reliability and environmental benefits of the Puraflo treatment solution are now well proven in U.S. applications. In 1993, Puraflo was the first pre-engineered and pre-assembled proprietary onsite wastewater treatment system to be used in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The specific features offered by the Puraflo Biofilter solution meet new regulations. “Alabama now requires that all pad (bottom-draining) systems installed in the state feature timed dosing and uniform distribution of treated effluent regardless of the system’s configuration,” Keaney explained. “It was determined that Puraflo satisfies both of these requirements.

In June 2009, the first Puraflo system featuring a PercRite drip component manufactured by American Manufacturing Company, Inc. was installed on site at a residence in Charleston, S.C., a region known for its difficult, shallow soil conditions. In May 2009, the Ohio Department of Health and the state’s Sewage Treatment Technical Advisory Committee approved Puraflo for 2-ft soil depth credit installations based on excellent fecal coliform reduction without the need for UV or chlorination, as authorized under Chapter 3718.04 of the Ohio Revised Code.

“The Puraflo Peat Biofilter treatment system is a low- or zero-energy natural wastewater treatment solution for on-site wastewater treatment requirements,” Keaney said. “Utilizing a unique, natural biofibrous peat filter media, the Puraflo treatment system is, in our opinion, the highest performing, most reliable natural treatment system available. It set the standard in North America for environmentally friendly performance 15 years ago when it was first installed on sites in Alabama and Virginia, and now it continues to establish standards for performance, reliability and long-term sustainability.”

The most common Puraflo system applications include individual residential sites, community cluster systems, light commercial, schools and subdivision developments. The system is particularly suited for intermittent flow applications such as vacation homes, churches, camps and schools, as it retains the beneficial bacteria in the media. In addition, the modular design allows phasing of the construction and cost effective solutions for one- and two-bedroom cottages. The Puraflo treatment system is also an excellent solution for repairs.