Jan 16, 2007

Black & Veatch Prepares Major Indonesian Sanitation Project

Black & Veatch has started an assignment on behalf of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to assist the Government of Indonesia with the formulation of an investment loan to improve sanitation services in the country. The project is expected to decrease urban pollution, improve public health and enhance the well being of the general population.
“We’re looking forward to working with the ADB and the Indonesian Government on this important study,” said Sri Harianti, representative for Black & Veatch’s water business in Indonesia. “We have recently completed a similar ADB study for the water supply sector in Indonesia, and I’m confident that we can prepare an investment project that will help the Government and ADB meet their development goals.”
The study will prepare city sanitation strategies (CSS) for five large cities and full feasibility studies for up to three of these cities. The CSS will allow communities to choose a sanitation system from an informed menu of suitable systems, subjected to feasibility. Black & Veatch also will prepare implementation support and institutional development programs addressing sector reform, governance and public awareness. The company has signed a contract with the ADB for a period of 10 months to carry out the study.
“The development of the project will be based on a highly consultative process that will focus on serving communities in need,” said Justin Searle, Black & Veatch Project Director for the study. “During the project, we’ll be looking to obtain the inputs of local residents and interest groups to see how they can be involved, how they can benefit from the project, and how we can develop strategies to address their needs.”