Sep 26, 2008

Birmingham Water Works Installs Integrated Security System

Remote networked-based video monitoring and access control from ADT provide security and system safety

Birmingham Water Works, Alabama’s largest water utility, has assembled a sophisticated integrated security system with network-based video and access control to help safeguard the district's water supply. The system, by ADT Security Services, includes more than 300 cameras monitoring the exterior and interior of the district's 18 locations and about 600 access control cards for its employees, vendors, contractors and consultants.

Video from cameras at the main center, pumping and intake stations, filter plants and treatment centers is sent via the district's wide area network (WAN) to a security command center, which is operated and staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Work on the advanced system was started after 9/11 when the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) required all water districts serving more than100,000 people to assess their vulnerabilities and implement a plan to address those issues.

"We are very pleased with the system and the team that has worked with us," said Terry Oden, security manager for Birmingham Water Works. "We put the safety of our customers above everything else and we have worked hard with our partners to develop a security system that will provide long-term safety and security for our facilities and water supply."

To complement the district's SCADA management system, the cameras provide live visual verification of system function and performance. For instance, if the computerized system sends a notification of a problem with water levels or pressure, the interior cameras are activated and provide vital visual information.

ADT is working more often with this type of critical infrastructure installation, according to John Gaydos, vice president, ADT Government.