Apr 05, 2019

Business News Round Up - April 5

De Nora acquires Neptune Enterprises;MARS Company named one of the 2018 "Top 25 Utilities Tech Solutions Providers"

De Nora acquires Neptune Enterprises, LLC, forming De Nora Neptune, LLC
De Nora acquires Neptune Enterprises, LLC, forming De Nora Neptune, LLC.

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De Nora Acquires Neptune Enterprises, LLC, forming De Nora Neptune, LLC

De Nora has announced the acquisition of a majority interest in Neptune Enterprises, LLC, forming De Nora Neptune, LLC. A Texas-based water service company, De Nora Neptune has specialized in “on-the-fly” frac water treatment and cost-effective produced water recycling in oil and gas industry since 2012.

As the service arm of De Nora, De Nora Neptune brings to De Nora an unrivalled service capability to directly serve the industry and provide on-the-ground support to their existing technology customers within the Permian Basin and beyond.


MARS Company Named One of the 2018 "Top 25 Utilities Tech Solutions Providers"

MARS Company  was recently recognized as one of the top 25 Utilities Tech Solutions Providers for 2018. This is a CIO Applications magazine annual listing of companies providing Utilities technology solutions helping clients build a competitive advantage and transform their businesses.

MARS Company is an industry leader focused on providing water meter test bench systems, M3 Enterprise Software solutions, MARS Calibration Certification (MCC) and on-site training programs. These innovative solutions are used to build a stronger network within the waterworks industry while boosting digital applications as the norm for municipalities and utility companies. With patented, award-winning, state-of-the-art technologies, the goal of the company is to lead utility management companies in recovering revenue lost due to reporting inaccuracies, real and estimated water losses via sustainable and environmentally sound avenues.


Anue Water Technologies Selected Exclusive Distributor for Pi2 Geo-Membrane Systems

Anue Water Technologies has been awarded exclusive distribution for Pi2 Technologies Geo-Membrane products for the entire USA, Canada and the Caribbean region.  Anue is a manufacturer of high-efficiency Ozone and Oxygen generation and related systems for the elimination of odor, corrosion and FOG (fat, oil, grease) in municipal and industrial wastewater.

This technology consists of high strength Geo-Membranes fitted with pockets that contain replaceable filter media, custom engineered to fit each application and ensure exceptional broad-spectrum odor control. It can be used in practically any application, such as headworks, tanks, sludge pits, open channels, vessels, manhole covers, truck bays, vertical vents, and fugitive emissions from vent covers. The technology was commercialized in 2011 and is already proven with use in 11 countries by major companies and municipalities. This includes use in industrial, municipal, and food and beverage applications, with case histories from each segment.

Anue Water Technologies has been selected as the exclusive distributor of Pi2 Geo-Membrane products for odor contro


Duperon Corporation President Mark Turpin Joins Berg Business Board

Duperon Corporation has announced that Duperon President Mark Turpin has joined the Berg Business Board. The Berg Business Board is a group of area businessmen and women who lend their expertise, advice, and support to Heidelberg University students. By providing resources, evaluating programs, and offering internship positions, the board offers valuable industry experience and makes connections between classes and real jobs.

“It’s an honor to serve the Berg Business Board and a pleasure to bring together two of my passions – the water industry and the next generation of water leaders,” Turpin said. “Not only do I get to work with the students at Heidelberg University, my alma mater, but serving on Berg Business Board will also bring me closer to the National Center for Water Quality Research (NCWQR). Strengthening the connections between Heidelberg University students and the water industry while also partnering with the NCWQR to improve Heidelberg’s water science curriculum is a wonderful personal opportunity to support and nurture the future leaders of the water industry.”


OVO Energy Appoints Aclara to Supply Smart Dual-Energy Solution to UK Market

Aclara will provide a dual-fuel smart metering solution that includes SMETS2 gas and electricity meters as part of a new contract with OVO Energy, the UK’s largest independent energy technology company and supplier.

Implementation of the new SMETS2 (smart metering equipment technical specifications: second version) meters is mandated to comply with the UK’s smart meter rollout program.


Emerson Acquires KNet Software

Emerson has announced it has acquired KnowledgeNet (KNet) software from Tunisia-based Integration Objects. KNet’s analytics application software accelerates digital transformation initiatives for process and hybrid industries.

KNet is used to extract, clean, transform and analyze operational and manufacturing data. Using libraries of advanced statistical and machine-learning algorithms, the software consumes large quantities of diverse information technology and operational technology data into actionable knowledge that drives real-time decisions to improve process and asset performance.


Aerzen Canada Open House Event 2019

Aerzen Canada is in a growth and expansion mode. The company celebrated the opening of a brand new, 26,000 sq ft building with office space and a production facility. The event was held on March 1t and was attended by employees, customers, vendors and members of the national sales teams.

“Aerzen Canada was founded in 1987 with three employees. Since then we have grown steadily to the point where we have outgrown our facility. This new building provides our customers with more capacity, higher quality and even better support with new processes, tools, and technology,” said Paul Birdi, Aerzen Canada’s Company President.


SFPUC Receives First Payment for Sale of Biofertilizer

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission received its first payment for sale of its biosolids-based fertilizer. Lystek International (Lystek) has partnered with the SFPUC to convert biosolids, the nutrient-rich soil-like product from wastewater treatment, into a marketable, renewable fertilizer, which is now being sold to local farms.

“We are excited to be working with Lystek to produce a valuable and renewable fertilizer for our Bay Area agricultural communities,” said Harlan L. Kelly, Jr., SFPUC General Manager. “This project is an example of how public-private partnerships can advance innovation and environmental stewardship while solving global challenges.”

Harlan Kelly Jr. of SFPUC & James Dunbar of Lystek International
Harlan Kelly Jr. of SFPUC & James Dunbar of Lystek International.


DuPont Announces Name Change for Dow Microbial Control

Dow Microbial Control officially changes its name to DuPont Microbial Control, marking the alignment with the DuPont brand and the successful separation of the Dow company from DowDuPont. DuPont Microbial Control represents the combined power of Dow’s pioneering history of developing products that control the growth of harmful microorganisms, now enhanced by DuPont’s world-leading position in the biotechnology space.

Customers can continue to rely on the trusted chemistries, industry-leading talent, services and product benefits of Dow Microbial Control with an even stronger global presence.


Networking News

  • Franklin Electric welcomes Chris Downey as its new Territory Manager for the north central region and Shane Wright as its new Territory Manager for the southeast region.