BIOREM Receives $1 Million Order from Georgia Municipality

CVF Technologies Corp.'s holding, BIOREM, announced the receipt of a $1 million order for a BIOFILTAIR odor removal system from Clayton County, a municipality located in the greater metropolitan area of Atlanta, Ga.
"This is the sixth BIOREM biofilter system that has been selected by Clayton County and their consultants," said Brian Herner, president and CEO of BIOREM. "Obtaining repeat customers is very important to us, since it demonstrates satisfaction with our product and performance. Customer satisfaction is a key element of our aggressive growth program."
The installation, scheduled for 2006, will consist of a BIOFILTAIR field-erected biofilter that will treat 46,000 cu ft per minute of foul air captured from several locations in the wastewater treatment plant. BIOREM's BIOFILTAIR system has gained increasing acceptance as the technology of choice for control of odor emissions in locations particularly sensitive to air quality. Recent start-ups of BIOFILTAIR systems in Nebraska and Missouri have exceeded the design requirements for odor removal. The first five systems that BIOREM installed for Clayton County are performing with results that have convinced officials to order a sixth system from BIOREM.
The need for odor control continues to grow in urban areas around the world. The rapid growth in residential building has resulted in neighborhoods being developed closer to once-rural wastewater treatment plants. Increases in population add to the requirements at the plants, and lead to expansions. Both these factors also generate the need for improved odor control provided by biofilter systems.

CVF Technologies Corp.

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