Sep 30, 2008

Biorem Introduces UNITY Technology Platform

Technology improves performance of biological odor removal systems

Biorem, Inc. recently introduced the UNITY technology platform, which improves the level of performance for biological odor removal systems. The product innovation emerged from more than two years of advanced biofiltration and biotrickling media research.

“Over the past six months, we have installed five pilots at municipal wastewater treatment plants and obtained very encouraging performance data,” said Peter Bruijns, president and CEO. “We are now installing our first full-scale unit at a municipal plant in the southern U.S., which will be operational this October. Over the next few months, we will study the removal performance of hydrogen sulphide and total reduced sulphur compounds.”

At the heart of the UNITY platform are the two new types of permanent media developed by Biorem. Harnessing the odor removal efficiency of these medias requires proprietary process and tank configurations that have resulted in three patent applications. The performance advantage is the high removal rate of both hydrogen sulphide and the very odorous contribution of total reduced sulphurs while using a much smaller vessel. The advantage to owners and municipalities is a system with guaranteed performance with a small footprint and a lower overall installed cost.

“Over the next six months, we will work with our sales team to identify additional evaluation sites with diverse inlet air conditions,” added Bruijns. “We look forward to working with consulting engineers and owners in the coming months as we collect performance data to enable a full product rollout to our worldwide sales networks in early 2009.”