Oct 05, 2010

Bilco Offers Floor Door Replacement Option for Water, Wastewater Applications

Product suited for applications where infiltration of contaminants is a concern

Bilco’s Type SM door for access to underground areas aims to offer a cost-effective solution for applications that do not require a flush-mounted door.

Constructed of corrosion-resistant aluminum and equipped with heavy-duty Type 316 stainless steel hardware, the Type SM door features an overlapping cover design that is fully gasketed to shed water and prevent debris from entering the areaway. It is ideally suited for water treatment, reservoir and other industrial and municipal applications where infiltration of contaminants is a concern.

“Replacing old and damaged floor doors might be quite labor-intensive as it requires chipping the old door out of the concrete, installing a new door and cementing it into place,” said Steve Weyel, Bilco’s product manager. “The Type SM access door offers easy and fast installation, saving time, labor and expense for water and wastewater applications.”

The Type SM door features a concealed internal mounting flange that makes installation easy and secure. For retrofit applications, simply remove the cover on the old access door, position the Type SM door over the opening and bolt it into place. Concrete work is eliminated as the old frame is left in place under the new door.

Bilco supplies the door with standard engineered lift assistance for easy one-hand operation and an automatic hold-open arm for locking the cover in the open position to ensure safe egress. Concealed stainless steel hinges are designed to be tamperproof when the door is in the closed position.

Optional features include a fully welded padlock hasp for added security, safety posts and chains for areaway fall protection when the cover is in the open position, and a gas strut lifting mechanism.