Badger Meter Elects Meeusen CEO

Milwaukee-based Badger Meter, Inc. has announced that company President Richard A. Meeusen, 47, has been elected chief executive officer. As CEO, he succeeds James L. Forbes, 69, who is retiring effective April 30 but will continue as chairman.

Forbes has served as CEO of Badger Meter since 1987. He joined the company in 1979, was elected a vice president in 1981, president in 1982, president and CEO in 1987 and chairman and CEO in 1999.

"Jim Forbes set the stage for Badger Meter's growth by maintaining a steady focus on the long term," said Meeusen. "His strategy combined investments in new technologies and product development with a sincere dedication to customers and employees and a commitment to improvement and innovation."

Meeusen was elected president of Badger Meter in November of last year. He joined the company in 1995 as vice president-finance, chief financial officer and treasurer, and was promoted to executive vice president-administration in February of 2001.

Business Wire

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