AWWA Selects Livelink For Info Management

Open Text™ Corporation, provider of Livelink®, a collaboration and knowledge management software for the global enterprise, announced today that the American Water Works Association (AWWA) has selected Livelink as a central platform to manage the organization's large repository of research and other information.
Before adopting Livelink, AWWA struggled to manage its information, which was spread across multiple repositories and maintained in different formats. Finding the right information became difficult and time consuming because there was no easy way to search for information spread across the organization.
"Serving as a central resource for knowledge and research has always been an important part of the AWWA's mission," said Roberta Herman, chief information officer for AWWA. "We chose Livelink because it offered an easy-to-use, Web-based platform that could serve as a central repository for all of our information. Livelink also provides advanced search functions, making it easy for staff to find information quickly. Improving the way we manage and share information has made a tremendous difference in our overall operations."
The association has also improved staff and member collaboration through Livelink, according to Herman. The Web-based platform makes communication easier among staff and members, and features such as built-in workflows provide a routine way of sharing information and gathering input on documents or other content.
AWWA is training more of its 170 staff members on Livelink and will also train several hundred of its more than 5,000 member volunteers.

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