Jul 20, 2009

AWWA Publishes Wastewater Operator Certification Study Guide

Study guide provides similar content as state certification exams

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) has announced the publication of the Wastewater Operator Certification Study Guide: A Guide to Preparing for Wastewater Treatment Certification Exams.

Wastewater operators can now take their certification exams with confidence by using this new study guide from AWWA. Based on several well-respected textbooks, the study guide provides questions similar in content and format to questions that appear on state wastewater-operator certification exams for Grades I, II, III and IV. Answers and references are included for further study. Math questions include answers and methods of solution.

The guide provides separate questions and answers for Grades I, II, III and IV exams, allowing students to focus on their specific grade level. Also included is a special section on pumping, and a section to math with 75 math questions and answers (with methods to solve) for conversions, percentages, weights, loading and pumping rates, dosages, and many other areas covered on certification exams.

The Wastewater Operator Certification Study Guide offers students a handy Summary of Wastewater Treatment Equations featuring more than 200 equations. These cover area, electricity, biochemical oxygen demand, biosolids pumping, chemical feed rates, dewatering, composting, flow rates, mixtures, dissolved air flotation and pumping rates. The guide also makes an excellent on-the-job reference.

Wastewater Operator Certification Study Guide<?i> is available in AWWA’s online bookstore at http://www.awwa.org/bookstore.