Nov 12, 2008

AWWA Publishes <i>Third Edition Concrete Pressure Pipe (M9)</i>

Manual available at AWWA’s online bookstore

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) has announced the publication of the fully updated Third Edition Concrete Pressure Pipe (M9).

The use of concrete pressure pipe for water distribution has dramatically increased in recent years due to its rugged construction, natural corrosion resistance and long life, which offer the design engineer solutions to a wide range of structural and environmental problems. This AWWA Manual of Water Supply Practices provides all of the supplemental information engineers and designers need to achieve optimal field performance of concrete pressure pipelines.

Concrete Pressure Pipe (M9) was reviewed and developed by an AWWA volunteer committee made up of practitioners in concrete pressure pipe engineering and manufacturing. In addition, the manual was reviewed and approved by the AWWA Standards Committee on Concrete Pressure Pipe. Additionally, Concrete Pressure Pipe (M9) includes the Guide Specifications for Purchasing and Installation of Concrete Pipes. This guide will assist engineers in controlling the many variables of pipe installation to assure specified product performance.

The information and recommendations in this manual reflect the most current, industry-approved engineering and design practices for the manufacture and use of concrete pressure pipe in water supply service. When consulted in conjunction with all related AWWA standards, the manual will offer optimum performance and long service life for the best possible return on concrete pipe investment.

Concrete Pressure Pipe (M9) is available in AWWA’s online bookstore at