AWWA to Preview Online Research Service at Data Harmony Users Group Conference

Access Innovations Inc.'s Data Harmony Users Group conference (Albuquerque, N.M., Feb. 6-8) will feature presentations by representatives of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) about its future online service to share research with its members and others around the world.

AWWA is employing the Data Harmony line of content indexing and categorization software products, offered by Access Innovations, to build and structure the databases of research that will be available through the new online service. Access Innovations also has managed the process of digitizing AWWA/U.S. Bureau of Reclamation documents for the databases that previously had been available only in print.

Access Innovations is a leading global provider of information management and database construction services for content and document management. AWWA is one of scores of businesses, governmental agencies and other organizations worldwide that have relied on Access Innovations to create and manage collections of electronic content.

When the full service is launched, AWWA expects it to have more than 15,000 separate documents available for searching and retrieval, with more added continuously as new research is published.

Grant Slade, AWWA senior technical information specialist, said that, "Data Harmony is a solid piece of software and we are finding innovative ways to deploy it as we gear up to make our research available to constituents around the world."

AWWA is using three Data Harmony modules: M.A.I.™ ("Machine-Aided Indexing"), an advanced software tool to index text; the XML Intranet System™ (XIS™) for content categorization; and Thesaurus Master™ to manage the taxonomy (a thesaurus of technical terms).

AWWA has also integrated Data Harmony's XML Intranet System (XIS) with other systems, including Opentext Corp.'s LiveLink and Cold Fusion on the Web from Hotcentric.

"Working with AWWA has been a great assignment for us," said Marjorie M.K. Hlava, Access Innovations' chairman and president. "They are constantly pushing the edges of software with ingenious new applications, and that is helping us broaden its appeal to a wider group of potential users."

Added Hlava, "We're delighted that the AWWA will preview its new online service at our conference. For any organization that needs to leverage its intellectual assets, the AWWA's program is a wonderful example of what can be done."

Access Innovations Inc.

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