AWWA Carries On A Legacy of Research, Leadership and Tradition

AWWA's most prestigious research award is given in memory of A.P. Black, professor of chemistry at the University of Florida for more than 30 years and an internationally recognized consultant in water and wastewater treatment.
Black's legacy extends beyond his research, the authorship of more than 60 papers on water chemistry and resources development, and national service. By the time Black was president of AWWA in 1949-1950, he had already passed on his commitment and enthusiasm for the water industry and public service to his son Charles A. Black.
Charles began in the water industry in 1939, working at the Gainesville (Fla.) water treatment plant while earning his civil engineering degree at the University of Florida. Like his father, he served in a world war and continued his national service through a reserve commission in the US Public Health Service. A founding principal in the consulting firm of Black, Crow, and Eidsness, Charles was AWWA president in 1971-1972.
That father-son tradition will be carried on next year when Andy Richardson becomes president of AWWA, following in his father's footsteps. William H. Richardson was AWWA president in 1984-1985. Andy Richardson will recognize the next A.P. Black awardee at the 2005 annual conference in San Francisco. The award is given to a member of AWWA who has made outstanding research contributions to water science and water supply over time.
The Water Science and Research Division is now soliciting nominees for the 2005 award. James K. Edzwald received the 2004 award during the AWWA annual conference in Orlando in June. Most recently, the recipients were Thomas Sorg, Mel Suffet, and Gary Logsdon.
The criteria and application information is available online at


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