Dec 28, 2000

AWR Introduces New Water Line Protection Program

American Water Works Co., Inc.'s newest subsidiary, American Water Resources, Inc., is offering a new Water Line Protection Program to approximately 70,000 residential customers in Pennsylvania.

As part of ongoing efforts, the program will educate customers and provide them with various service options that address individual water-related needs.

The Water Line Protection Program is designed to protect customers from unanticipated financial burden in the event that a leak occurs in the pipe that carries water from the water company's line into the customer's home. "Many people aren't aware that they own that portion of the pipe," said Ray Lee, president of American Water Resources. "Often, they don't find out until there is a problem, and fixing an underground water line can be costly."

The program is initially will serve the Pennsylvania-American Water Co.'s customers, which will recieve an informational insert with their bill in September.

It is anticipated that, over time, the Water Line Protection Program will be made available to all customers served by American Water Works subsidiaries in 23 states.

(Source: American Water Works Co., Inc.)