Jul 07, 2004

San Jose Historic Treasure Designated an AWWA Landmark

The San Jose Water Company main office building–a historic and architectural treasure in downtown San Jose, Calif.–has been named an AWWA Landmark.

The 70-year-old art deco structure was officially named the J.W. Weinhardt Building after the man who served as the company's president, chief executive officer, and chairman of the board for many years.

The building has housed the water company's corporate headquarters since it was built in 1934 to replace the utility's original structure, built in 1888.

Designed by the architectural firm of Binder and Curtis, the building mingles a Spanish adobe, red-tiled-roof motif with a neoclassical façade and bas relief carving. It was built in two phases, with the first section dedicated on Dec. 10, 1934. In 1940, the second phase, including a second floor in the rear of the building, was completed.

Named a City Historic Landmark in 1991, much of the building's interior has been remodeled over the years, but its 1930s character has been preserved.

Today, the building houses about 50 employees in the utility's administrative, accounting, customer service, and information systems offices.