Dec 16, 2020

2020 WWD Top Project Winners

WWD celebrates the best water & wastewater projects of 2020

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Every December, the Water & Wastes Digest editorial team completes a months-long process of sharing with its audience the best and brightest projects of the year.

This process starts with asking for nominations for WWD Top Projects from industry professionals throughout the first half of the year. Those nominations are then reviewed by the editorial team to create a shortlist that the WWD Editorial Advisory Board then reviews to determine the winners.

This year’s winners are stellar, as the winners always are. But they are also varied! A couple projects constructed an entire treatment plant to address capacity, another turned wastewater wetlands into a public park, and yet others reconstructed sewers to address increased strain, reduce overflows and fix failing pipe.

What these projects have in common is a sense of purpose for their communities and customers. They are intricate and detailed, but ultimately serve the municipality’s end users in the best way with trusted technology.

To further recognize the achievements of these projects, WWD has published video interviews with each of the 2020 WWD Top Projects winners over the past several weeks. These videos premiere on Tuesdays at 6 p.m. ET on the Water & Wastes Digest Facebook page and also are published on the WWD website. Like and follow the WWD Facebook page for updates and make sure to visit our website to subscribe to our video newsletter and get videos straight to your inbox!

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