Mar 30, 2005

Nestle Waters Strikes Deal with New Source in Mich.

Nestle Waters North America has entered into an agreement with the city of Evart, Mich., to buy some of its water on an ongoing basis.

The company operates a water-bottling plant near Stanwood in Mecosta County, about 40 miles south of Evart.

The wells that Nestle Waters uses now have pumping restrictions because of a lawsuit filed by an environmental group, so the company has been looking for a second source of water for the plant.

The Evart City Council voted 5-to-0 yesterday to sell water to the company for 88 cents per one-thousand gallons.

Beginning this summer, water will be pumped from a spring-fed well owned by the city and piped to a nearby transfer station.

At the station, it will be pumped into tanker trucks and transported to the bottling plant.