Aug 08, 2016

CH2M Appointed to Welsh Water’s Water Resource & Drought Planning Framework

Partnership to develop 25-year water resources strategy across U.K.

CH2M announced it was appointed to Welsh Water’s Water Resource and Drought Planning Consultancy Framework to build a 25-year strategy for managing water resources. This strategy will help ensure sufficient water supplies are supplied across most of Wales, Herefordshire and parts of Deeside, U.K.

“For years, CH2M and Welsh Water have partnered on delivering a successful asset management program, and we are pleased to help Welsh Water with this latest contract to help develop a long-term water resource plan that will maintain safe and reliable supplies of drinking water for its customers now and in the future,” said CH2M Global Water Business Group President Peter Nicol.  

CH2M's strategic relationship with Welsh Water is founded on CH2M's asset management framework, which began in 2010. It was set up to provide support to development of asset management plans. CH2M won a place on a new framework in 2015, and this provides an opportunity to delivery synergy with the new water resources and drought-planning frameworks.

CH2m and its team of subcontractors are responsible for providing specialist services to assist with the delivery of Welsh Water’s next statutory Water Resources Management and Drought Plan 2019. The contract continues through April 2020 with the potential for a further two-year extension. The team—Artesia Consulting, an industry leader in leakage and demand management, and MacArthur Green, which are recognized experts in water resource system modeling—will provide water resource planning, modeling and drought planning services to Welsh Water.

Together, the team will support Welsh Water’s ability to assess and forecast the water supply and demand bases, evaluate risk and uncertainty in long-term planning and investment decisions, and develop action plans for future drought scenarios in the region.

When completed, the plan will study account climate change projections, population growth and new developments planned across Wales. It will also address future challenges, such as a growing economy and population and environmental objectives.