Oct 22, 2009

ASA Analytics Unveils New Line of Single Parameter Analyzers

New line of ChemScan mini analyzers designed to automatically analyze a single parameter

Waukesha, Wis.-based ASA Analytics introduced a new line of automatic optical process analyzers including the ortho-Phosphorous analyzer. The new line of ChemScan mini analyzers was designed to automatically analyze a single parameter, which the company says significantly reduces costs. The product serves as an alternative for upgrading to automatic light absorption process technology.

The ChemScan mini ortho-Phosphorous Analyzer was designed specifically for rapid and automatic batch analysis of ortho-Phosphorous in low solids wastewater effluent or potable water samples through a detection cell.

The ChemScan mini UV254 is the new single parameter analyzer that measures percent transmittance or absorbency at 254 nm for better process control of municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment applications, the company said.

Like the larger ChemScan models, the new minis were designed for reliable accurate operation in the environment of water and wastewater treatment plants, according to ASA Analytics. The company said that under normal operating conditions, reagents, if required at all, will last a full calendar quarter without changing or replenishing.

ASA Analytics also says the flow paths of the minis were designed with larger openings than most other analyzers, in an effort to avoid plugging.