Mar 02, 2001

ARCADIS Geraghty & Miller Receives Engineering Excellence Award in Tennessee

ARCADIS Geraghty & Miller, an environmental and engineering services consulting firm, was recognized for engineering excellence by the Consulting Engineers of Tennessee (CET) as part of the 2000 Engineering Excellence Awards competition.

The firm's Chattanooga, Tennessee, operations was honored with a Grand Award by the CET for engineering design of the Apex Street Storm Screening Facility in Nashville, Tennessee. The award ceremony was held on February 13, 2001, in Nashville, Tennessee.

Projects considered for engineering excellence awards are evaluated based on an original application of new or existing techniques, contribution of technical value to the engineering profession, incorporation of social and economic considerations, complexity, and fulfillment of the client's needs. The Apex Street Storm Water Screening Project received high marks in all categories.

After years of chronic flooding and maintenance problems caused by a plugged ditch in an inner-city neighborhood, the City of Nashville Department of Water and Sewerage Services, turned to ARCADIS for solutions. To solve the problem, ARCADIS designed a unique mechanical screening facility to capture and remove the debris. A gripper-type traveling rake operating from an overhead monorail now captures and removes the debris from the inlet.