AquaClara, SerVen Rich Announce Distribution & Bottling Agreement with United Brands

AquaClara, SerVen Rich Announce Distribution & Bottling Agreement with United Brands
Updated: Tue, Jun 05 11:45 AM EDT
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CLEARWATER, Fla. (BUSINESS WIRE) - AquaClara Bottling & Distribution, Inc. (OTCBB:AQCB) and SerVen Rich, Inc. announced today a commitment with United Brands, L.L.C. for SerVen Rich brand "master" distribution through United Brand's vast warehouses, sales broker network and transport shipping. United Brands will be distributing the SerVen Rich Oxygen-Enriched Drinking Water bottled by AquaClara to the national and international marketplace.
In addition, the master distributor has made a multi-million dollar commitment, which includes a 22 million case order in the first year, for launching and distributing SerVen Rich Imported Natural Spring Water. The new product will offer consumers waters in 8 oz., 16.9 oz., 1 liter and 1.5 liter sizes under the licensed SerVen Rich label. Additional products, such as foods and other beverages also will be part of this distribution and product line alliance.
The SerVen Rich brand, which is licensed by AquaClara, is the brainchild of Richard Williams, famed tennis coach and father of tennis champions Venus and Serena Williams.
"SerVen Rich is proud of its alliance with such a significant, global master distributor," said SerVen Rich President & CEO Don Butler. "United Brands will be taking SerVen Rich's oxygen-enriched brand, as well as our new imported spring water line, to the world's consumers."
AquaClara Chairman of the Board and CEO, E. Douglas Cifers said, "We are excited about working with United Brands in this new alliance to distribute our oxygen-enriched purified drinking water and produce additional quality water products. AquaClara's partnership with SerVen Rich has caused such tremendous opportunities for growth that we are looking forward to adding a partner who can enhance our distribution and ensure our supply can meet public demand for this increasingly popular brand." Cifers added, "This unique relationship allows AquaClara to bring revenues and royalties that will go straight to the bottom line, benefitting our shareholders and company growth."
United Brands has committed $5 million in water manufacturing improvement to meet the specifications and quality standards set by AquaClara Bottling & Distribution and SerVen Rich.
United Brands President, Michael Goeree added, "The bottled water industry has become so competitive. It is an honor to be allied with this quality product and explosive brand name. We look forward to bringing SerVen Rich to all corners of the consumer market."

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