May 13, 2011

Aqua America Updates Sustainability Report

Officials highlight new initiatives reducing the company’s environmental impact

Aqua America Inc. announced Thursday at its annual meeting of shareholders that it has updated its sustainability report, citing many improvements in its efforts to ensure the sustainability of its operations. The company is celebrating 125 years of service.
The infrastructure improvement program in its largest distribution network is credited with helping to keep Aqua Pennsylvania’s unaccounted water and the number of main breaks per 100 miles below the national average despite acquiring operating systems with mains more than 100 years old.

Aqua Pennsylvania’s Roaring Creek treatment plant received the Phase III Directors Award of Recognition from the Partnership for Safe Water, a national volunteer initiative developed by the Environmental Protection Agency, the American Water Works Assn. and other water organizations. Aqua’s Roaring Creek plant is just one of 53 surface-water treatment plants in the estate to be presented the award.

Collectively, Aqua America subsidiaries operate more than 250 wastewater treatment plants, about 15% of which provide high quality treated effluent for reuse. In addition to the sustainable operations initiatives, the company has also introduced paperless billing, which offers customers the option to receive electronic statements and, or pay their bills on line.