Another Safe Step in Water Treatment Systems for Domestic Use

In many areas of the U.S., rainwater collection can provide large quantities of relatively clean water. When properly collected, filtered and stored, this rainwater provides many possible water uses and solutions.
Experts agree that using a Floating Cistern Filter helps assure many years of use before a cistern would require cleaning.
Rainwater Management Solutions’ Floating Cistern Filter (FCF) provides another step in assuring a continuous supply of safe, clean water for all domestic uses. The Floating Cistern Filter, which is one component of a water treatment system, consists of a housing assembly and replaceable filter element.
The filter only allows the cleanest water in the cistern, which extends the life of your in-house treatment system, and all pumps and valves. The water that is taken from the level nearest the surface of the cistern requires less treatment to render it suitable for domestic use.
Normal installation involves attaching the FCF to the end of a flexible suction hose, which is connected to the pipe entering the pump and pressure tank. The entire filter assembly is installed with common plumbing tools, and complete directions are included. The Floating Filter assembly is equipped with a 1-1/4 inch outlet and will handle flow rates up to 20 gpm.
All Rainwater Management Solutions Floating Filter assemblies are constructed of heavy-duty, reinforced fiberglass, PVC plastic and stainless steel to ensure many years of trouble-free service. In fact, many of these original filter assemblies are still in use after nearly 30 years of continuous service. Filter housing components are maintenance-free and will not rot, rust or corrode. The replaceable filter elements will last one to two years, depending on the amount of use and care. The element can be changed in just a few minutes without special tools or mechanical skills.
Earlier this year, Rain Water System, Inc. of Virginia and Rattenbury Engineering, LLC, of Massachusetts merged to form Rainwater Management Solutions (RMS). John Rattenbury, a principle of RMS, was the first U.S. engineer to provide Siphonic Roof Drainage systems engineering design services. Among his notable achievements are the designs of Siphonic Roof Drainage Systems for the Boston Convention Center and for numerous IKEA stores.


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