Anaerobic Digestion Firm Endorses Biogas Opportunities Roadmap

The Roadmap cites the need to strengthen markets for biogas systems & system products

DVO Inc. biogas opportunities roadmap

DVO Inc. announced its support for the Biogas Opportunities Roadmap, a report issued earlier this month by the U.S. Departments of Agriculture (USDA), Energy and Environmental Protection Agency.

“We’re encouraged by the very existence of this Roadmap,” said Steve Dvorak, president of DVO. “It will help educate government agencies, the dairy industry and the public on the numerous economic and environmental benefits of anaerobic digestion.”

The Roadmap cites the need to strengthen markets for biogas systems and system products, including energy and other value-added products. It adds that dairy farms of all sizes could enhance their revenues through nitrogen and phosphorus recovery made possible through advanced anaerobic digestion technology.

“Those of us close to the industry have known for a long time that best practice anaerobic digestion provides important sources of revenue while reducing emissions,” Dvorak said. “The roadmap suggests necessary steps that provide a ‘win-win’ environment for digester applications and represents an important stride in the evolution of our industry.”

DVO Inc.

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