Jun 20, 2011

Amiad Installs Filtration Technology at Brazilian Waster Reuse Plant

Brazil's Aquapolo Plant will treat secondary effluent from a local sewage facility and supply treated water for industrial use

Amiad Filtration Systems announced that it has installed its proprietary Galaxy 6 in. SpinKlin Disc Filters at the Aquapolo tertiary wastewater treatment plant in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Built by Foz do Brasil and Sebesp—the country’s largest water company—the plant is the first-of-its-kind in the Southern Hemisphere and the fifth largest in the world dedicated to the production of reuse water for industrial purposes that uses treated sewage as raw material.

Arkal Filtration Systems developed the disc technology and was acquired by Amiad in 2010. The filters will be used to protect the plant’s ultrafiltration membranes and was sold through Aquasys, Amiad’s Brazil distributor.

The water first passes through the filters, which have a flow rate of 2,400 cu meters per hour, and are designed to retain solids with a diameter larger than 400 microns. It then goes through a biological treatment and 63 ultrafiltration membrane modules in order to reach the required standard.