Dec 28, 2000

American Water Works Company to Purchase Anglian Water Plc's Interest in AmericanAnglian Environmental Technologies, L.P.

American Water Works Company, Inc., the largest investor-owned water utility in
the United States, has agreed to the purchase of Anglian Water's interest in
AmericanAnglian. American Water Services will build on American Water's current
relationships with over 900 communities and 10 million people in 23 states,
providing additional services to current customers, as well as seeking new
opportunities to manage and operate utilities.

American Water Services, Inc., the new company, will concentration primarily on
the water and wastewater market's growing contract operations segment.
Overseeing the new entity will be Jorge Carrasco, who joined American Water in
1996 and recently served as president of American International Water Services.

A wholly owned subsidiary of American Water Works, American Water Services is
the country's seventh largest contract operations firm, operating and managing
175 water and wastewater facilities in seven states. Key services include full
contract operations, management of water and wastewater utility systems,
long-term leasing, and commercial services.

Additionally, American Water Services will provide support to industries and
communities when outsourcing the design, construction, financing/ownership, and
operation of key water and wastewater facilities, or in the sale of their
utility system.

SOURCE: Business Wire