American Water Star, Inc., Plans to Enter the Latino Market

American Water Star, Inc., through its subsidiary All-Star Beverages, Inc., plans to enter the Latino market in the second quarter of this calendar year. Geyser Fruit will take on a Latin flavor under the name "Geyser Fruta" introducing the delicious tastes of Mango, Tamarindo, Jamaica and Kiwi Watermelon.

"Our line of Geyser Fruit products has been successful with the mass market here in the United States. The growing Latin customer base has opened an opportunity for a product specifically marketed to the Latin community. Our new array of flavors should meet with their market demands. We are constantly looking for ways to fill overlooked niches in the beverage industry and to be the first and best at filling the needs and wants of those customers," stated Roger Mohlman, president and CEO of American Water Star, Inc.

American Water Star, Inc.

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