May 05, 2010

American Water’s Paul Gagliardo to Speak at Dayton Water Conference

Gagliardo to discuss American Water’s Innovation Development Process initiative

American Water Works Co., Inc., a U.S. water and wastewater utility company, announced that Paul Gagliardo, manager of innovation development, will serve as a keynote speaker at the Dayton Water Conference. The conference will be held May 10 to 12 in Dayton, Ohio.

In his keynote address, Gagliardo will discuss American Water’s Innovation Development Process and some of the new technologies that it has uncovered. American Water’s Innovation Development Process is an initiative that aims to leverage the company’s position as the nation’s largest water and wastewater services provider to develop innovations by performing idea validation tests using the company’s large and geographically diverse footprint, ultimately becoming an early-adopter of new technologies for industry use. It combines American Water’s research and development acumen, technical expertise and infrastructure assets, with innovations from within the company and from business partners, to create greater efficiencies in the areas of water reuse, desalination, wastewater operations and bio-energy.

Hosted by the Water Innovations Alliance, the Dayton Water Conference aims to improve awareness and collaboration between large companies, engineering firms, universities, utilities, startups, NGOs and governments by educating attendees on new water technologies, innovations and prospects. Whether the developments are in materials, IT, engineering, financing or public policy, the conference will aim to shine a spotlight on all advancements and provide best practices across the spectrum of the water field.