America’s WETLAND Online Resource Center Launched on World Wetlands Day

Louisiana leaders, cub scouts and a swamp boat captain joined America's WETLAND: Campaign to Save Coastal Louisiana to launch the new America's WETLAND Online Resource Center on Thursday, Feb. 2, World Wetlands Day, at Loyola University.
Launched in partnership with America's WETLAND: Campaign to Save Coastal Louisiana, the new Online Resource Center will serve as a major source of information on Louisiana's coastal wetlands. Along with facts, figures and FAQs about Louisiana's coastal land loss, the site also provides the first-ever certification program for tour guides and swamp boat captains, which will ensure that the thousands of visitors to America's WETLAND will receive the most accurate and up-to-date information available.
In addition, the site includes a special section for youth groups, including younger and older scouts, that provides guidelines and study requirements about America's WETLAND. Once the required activities are completed, the kids will be awarded an America's WETLAND patch for their uniform, backpack or favorite jacket.

Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation

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