Jun 02, 2008

Almetek Industries Launches New E-Z HIT Marker Kit

Kit allows accurate reporting of damage to underground facilities

Al Burlando, chairman of Almetek Industries, announced the launch of the new E-Z HIT Marker Kit. Used by electric, telephone, oil, gas, water and sewer companies, the Marker Kit makes it easy to photograph and mark damage to underground facilities.

It’s a common occurrence for contractors to find themselves doing battle in court to determine fault for damage to underground facilities incurred at an excavation site. Without an effective system, it’s difficult to accurately mark and report these damages. The Almetek HIT Marker Kit conforms to Common Ground Alliance (CGA) Best Practice Documentation standards and can save a contractor or company thousands of dollars in legal fees and court costs.

The Marker Kit comes in a 19 by 4-in. crush-proof storage case and includes all the items necessary for the job. The HDPE measure ruler, which features large number graphics, can be unrolled to lie flat or stand on edge with two anchoring spikes. The two fiberglass markers can be placed into the ground to show mark and damage areas. Additionally, two anchoring spikes as well as complete user instructions are included.

“We’re very excited to be launching this new Marker Kit and feel it will be an invaluable resource to companies and contractors looking to protect themselves and avoid unnecessary litigation,” said Mr. Burlando.