ADS ASABE Water and Soil Award Winner Announced

Wendy D. Graham was honored at the 2012 ASABE annual international meeting

ADS ASABE Water and Soil Award Wendy Graham

Wendy D. Graham of the University of Florida, Gainesville was named the recipient of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Eng. (ASABE) 2012 ADS Soil and Water Engineering Award.  She was recognized, in part, for her contributions in the development of innovative hydrologic modeling techniques, and for establishing and leading a major water research institute. Sponsored by ADS, the ASABE award recognizes Graham's contributions and leadership in the science and management of water. 

Graham is the Carl. S. Swisher Eminent Scholar in Water Resources in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering and director of the Water Institute, University of Florida, Gainesville. She is a 23-year member of ASABE and has served on Soil and Water and Education Division Committees, the board of trustees and has held various officer level positions in the Florida Section of the ASABE, including chair.

"Wendy Graham has contributed so much to her school and to the industry, it is a pleasure to honor her and recognize her achievements with this award," stated Tori Durliat, director of marketing for ADS. "Her research, stochastic modeling and data assimilation techniques for application to a variety of hydrologic and agricultural problems have helped crop growth in all agricultural systems.”

"She has authored or co-authored 121 journal articles, conference proceedings, technical publications and book chapters. Wendy Graham is a leader, innovator and mentor whose value to our world of efficient water management will continue for many years. As for ADS, we will also continue to be part of the ASABE and this award in the future."

ADS has sponsored the ASABE award since 1966. It was presented to Graham at the 2012 ASABE annual international meeting.


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