Dec 06, 2010

ADI Group Hires Joséf Leão as Manager of Biogas Applications

ADI hopes position will put more emphasis on opportunities for biogas

Hollis Cole, CEO of ADI Group Inc., announced the addition of Joséf Leão to the ADI team. ADI Group created the new position, manager of biogas applications for ADI Systems Inc., one of the ADI Group of companies. This new position allows ADI to place greater emphasis on worldwide opportunities of utilizing biogas, a viable source of green energy.

Leão comes to ADI with more than 30 years experience in engineering, logistics and operations, plus strong academic and professional credentials. Fluent in six languages, his background in biogas utilization and green energy systems complements the strong technical abilities of existing staff at ADI.

“As a leader in environmental technologies around the world, it is important to continue to broaden our base and expand into new markets. I am confident the skills Joséf brings to ADI Systems will assist us in providing further value to our customers,” said Cole. “The ADI team has consistently been a market leader, and we look forward to continued excellence on existing and future projects.”