Aclara Announces Consumer Engagement Platform

The new technology was presented at the American Water Works Assn. Annual Conference and Exhibition in Denver

Aclara Consumer Engagement for Water

Aclara Technologies LLC, part of the Utility Solutions Group of ESCO Technologies Inc., announced Aclara Consumer Engagement for Water at the American Water Works Assn.’s Annual Conference and Exposition in Denver.

The Aclara Consumer Engagement for Water is a turnkey solution designed to help water utilities cost improve customer satisfaction and enhance conservation efforts. Aclara is currently a supplier of consumer engagement solutions to more than 50 utilities, and provides an automated meter infrastructure (AMI) solution to more than 140 water utilities nationwide.

With Aclara Consumer Engagement for Water, utilities can apply meter data to educate customers on water usage. The graphs help customers identify time periods of high and low consumption. Graphs based on daily usage data correlated with temperature, for example, inform utility customers on how weather impacts water usage. Hourly usage graphs help customers identify how specific activities affect water costs. Likewise, daily usage graphs show trends for the billing periods and monthly usage graphs show consumption trends throughout the year. By referencing this information, the customer can more easily implement the water conservation strategies recommended by the utility.

To help customers more quickly identify issues, such as leaks, that left uncorrected will lead to wasted potable water, Aclara Consumer Engagement for Water allows consumers to sign up to receive alerts that are based on AMI system health data. Depending on the parameters determined by the utility and selected by the customer, these messages are delivered by email, website, text, or mobile device.

Aclara’s turnkey offering provides a customer landing page where current bills can be seen or payments made. Also available is an authentication platform the utility can utilize to enable its customers to create and then use online credentials to access the consumer engagement platform.

Aclara Consumer Engagement for Water provides the utility with total control of the consumer engagement solution. Through the utility management platform, the utility can create the contents of alerts, select what alerts its customers can choose to receive, and determine how messages are delivered.

“Utilities look for simple ways to engage customers and educate them to make better decisions, and Aclara Consumer Engagement for Water provides this solution,” said Subodh Nayar, Aclara’s director for water software products. “Water utilities can now tailor a customer engagement solution to meet the specific needs of their customers and provide them with the information to use water more wisely."


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