Oct 13, 2009

ABB exhibits new manganese water analyzer

ABB Instrumentation exhibited the first of three new products in the ABB Aztec 600 range of online analytical analyzers for potable water treatment at WEFTEC 2009. Built on ABB's new analytical instrument platform, the ABB Aztec 600 Manganese colorimetric monitor offers enhanced accuracy with simple operation and maintenance for potable water treatment applications.

The Aztec 600 analyzers use an LED and detector to measure the passage of light through a sample. A single, precisely controlled piston pump provides all the sample and reagent fluid handling for measurement, mixing and disposal. Measurements are taken before and after color reagents are added to compensate for background color and turbidity. These measurements are compared against the calibrated values to calculate the sample being measured. The analyzer can measure up to six samples per hour.

Key features of the Aztec 600 range include automatic two point calibration. This enables operators to verify analyzer performance against standards of a known concentration. Accuracy is further enhanced by various self-cleaning abilities to ensure the optical cell and analyzer tubing used for sample measurements remain free of residual particles between each analysis. A patented mechanical cleaning function uses the piston movement to wipe the optical cell with every measurement, particularly important when measuring raw waters where optical contamination can be a real issue. The analyzers also include various user programmable automatic options for cell rinsing and acid and alkali washing.

The analyzers are available in single or multi-stream configurations, enabling operators to use just one device to monitor up to three streams sequentially all with current loop, Ethernet or fieldbus outputs. The Aztec 600 analyzers are also simple to maintain. The piston and optical sensor use air to mix the sample and reagents, eliminating the cost and maintenance associated with mechanical or electrical stirring systems. The inherent product design and auto-calibrating features means that maintenance is just required annually, compared to every 3 months with some units.

A key benefit of the Aztec 600 is its ease of operation. Front-mounted push buttons allow easy device interaction in a familiar Windows environment. Operation and commissioning is straightforward, with menus presenting options for setting and fine-tuning parameters. Added support is provided by an extensive context-sensitive online help feature.