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wastewater treatment plant
Batesville Wastewater Treatment Plant
Jan 25 2022Plant Profile
Location: Batesville, Arkansas Size: 4.2 average mgd; 9 mgd rated capacity Equipment: Lagoon treatment, moving bed biofilm reactors, dissolved air…
SponsoredJan 25 2022Testing
Up against their BOD permit limit, the Rand-Whitney Containerboard mill in Montville, Connecticut was proactively seeking solutions that would enable…
San Antonio will host the 37th Annual WateReuse Symposium for water reuse, water recycling and water reclamation professionals.
Reconnect with peers at parks, cafés, and bars along the world-famous San Antonio River Walk at the 37th Annual WateReuse Symposium.
Jan 25 2022Q&A
The WateReuse Association will present the 37th Annual WateReuse Symposium March 6 to 9, 2022 at the Marriott Rivercenter in San Antonio, Texas. Most…
New Braunfels Utilities service area
New Braunfels Utilities service area
SponsoredJan 10 2022Leak Detection Services
Hundreds of billions of dollars will have to be spent to replace pipe mains in the next 25 years.  In the US, more than 200,000 water main breaks…
Jan 25 2022Legislation
For the past two years, Water & Wastes Digest has requested a brief from industry associations about their predictions for the coming year. As…