Oct 29, 2007

“Boston Tea Party” at Chicago River Planned to Protest Tax Increases

History will repeat itself today as a group of Chicagoans will be taking part in a second “Boston Tea Party.” The event will be held to demonstrate against the tax hike proposals in the area.

Although visually protesting the proposed 10-cent tax on bottled water, the protestors will also be voicing their frustrations with Mayor Richard Daley’s proposed 15% property tax hike and other increases to telephone, water and sewer rates.

On top of that, Chicagoans are also frustrated with Cook County President Todd Stroger’s proposed tax increases, including tripling the sales tax, doubling the gas tax and twofold increasing the parking tax.

During their lunch breaks, frustrated citizens are urged to head to the southwest corner of Michigan Avenue and Wacker Drive, armed with signs that say the following:

“No Taxation Without Representation”; “Taxation Without Representation Is Tyranny”; “Get Your Hands out of My Pocket”; “Aldermen, Commissioners — We Will Remember”; “Cut The Corruption Tax”; and “I Pay Taxes, I Deserve Better.”

The event will be hosted by Kenny Johnson, the Candidate for State Representative for the 26th District.