Nov 27, 2006

‘Let’s Talk Waterways’ to Help Find Solutions to Waterway Clean-Up and Marine Wildlife Concerns

Monica Coleman, an associate with Public Sector Consulting Group, is undertaking a new program called Let’s Talk Waterways. Coleman, a watershed management troubleshooter, is dedicated to helping communities throughout North America tackle their waterway clean-up and marine wildlife conservation efforts. Equipped with the appropriate tools and training, Coleman is dedicated to bringing those national resources to small communities throughout North America.

“Not every city, town or community can afford to hire high-priced consultants,” she said. “They need a forum where they can ask questions and get help, including fundraising.”

Let’s Talk Waterways is uniquely designed to seek access to national resources in behalf of concerned citizens and local governments for watershed management tools and funding that is normally utilized only in urban communities and pockets of wealth. The program is also positioned to augment and provide peripheral support to existing watershed associations in order to assist them in reaching their goals. Armed with experience in working on waterway clean-up and marine wildlife conservation issues throughout North America, Coleman is committed to bringing state-of-the-art technology and national resources to local governments, watershed groups, other organizations and communities in their efforts to address waterway and marine wildlife concerns.

“Local governments and communities generally have a strong sense of their environmental needs, but often lack the resources or expertise to solve the problems,” Coleman said. “These communities need someone with expertise, access to national resources and a willingness to champion their cause.”