WQA&#146;s 30<SUP>th</SUP> Convention Gives You the Business

Celebrating 30 years, the Water Quality Association shares the same goal as you -- growing your bottom line.

WQA’s technical courses are widely regarded as among the best offered anywhere. Now, it is emphasizing a whole new palate of business-education seminars.

It all starts off on Wednesday morning with the seminar "Route Management and Efficiency." You’ll learn how to drive up your profits with computer technology and increase route efficiency with add-on business such as drinking water and office coffee service.

Following immediately is a killer course, "Generating and Managing New Leads." Not only will you hear about new ideas for lead generation, you’ll also get the latest legal situation on government rules for faxing and calling customers.

Of course, a session key to developing a strategic plan for your business is the Wednesday afternoon State of the Industry Report to Members. You’ll hear about the major forces and technologies shaping the industry–and your future!

Thursday’s Opening General Session will offer keynoter Dr. Robert Kriegel. He’ll deliver an exciting, dynamic presentation to help you think outside the box–and make bold and profitable changes to the way you’re now doing business. This one will really pump you up!

A Friday "Meet the Expert" session in the WQA booth right on the exhibition floor, "Using WQA certifications to their fullest in your business," will show you how to use your WQA Certification to its highest potential in your business. You’ll learn proven ways to motivate, inspire, and improve your employees, as well as how to market the certifications from a dealer’s perspective.

Things wrap up on Saturday with another hot keynote address–"A Winning One-Two Punch: Improving Sales and Customer Service" by Hal Becker. Becker is a repeat performer for WQA because his messages are not only motivating, but also offer down-to-earth how-to techniques you can use every day. You’ll learn how to integrate your sales and customer service into a seamless, profitable whole.

Another huge winner will be a session put on by SCORE–Counselors to America’s Small Business. You’ll learn how to use SCORE for Your Business, how to develop "Proper Valuation of Your Business: What is it Worth?," and how you go about "Capturing the True Cost of Your Products: Cost Accounting." SCORE is all about being a trusted source for you and your most difficult business questions; you can even bounce ideas off of them at no charge.

Don’t forget! All registrants to the 30th Annual WQA Convention and Exhibition in Baltimore will receive the audio and text proceedings on two CD-ROMs this year–one Technical, the other strictly Business. You can attend the live sessions and then hear it again back at the office.


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