WQA Offers Online Education Program for POU/POE Industry

Learning more about water treatment issues from basic water chemistry to the latest on arsenic removal will now be as convenient as logging onto the Web.

The new, cost-effective and convenient WQA e-learning program will be unveiled at the Association‚'s Annual Convention, March 16 - 20 in Baltimore, Md.

"WQA's e-learning courses will offer water treatment professionals an easy, cost-effective way to stay current on a range of water treatment issues as well as earn credits toward maintaining certification," explained Mark Rowzee, WQA education director. "There will be courses for employees new to the water treatment industry as well as more experienced professionals."

Initial online courses will cover basic water treatment fundamentals such as water chemistry and also core technologies including softening/ion exchange and reverse osmosis. The latest treatment options for arsenic removal will be covered in another new offering.

On the horizon are courses covering the latest science and treatment options for Legionella and radium. Initial courses will be available for preview and purchase on the WQA website, www.wqa.org, beginning March 22.

"Continuing education is a top WQA priority and the new online program is an option for busy people to keep current and expand their knowledge of the industry," Rowzee said. "E-learning is as close as the nearest Web connection and available whenever the student is˜so there are no travel costs or missed work days."

WQA Annual Convention attendees will have an opportunity to preview initial online courses at the WQA Booth. The first three course offerings will be

* Basic Water Chemistry – This course provides an overview of chemistry fundamentals related to water diagnosis and treatment. Concepts covered include an introduction to water contaminants, ions, acids and bases, and understanding water analyses.

* Understanding Ion Exchange: Softening and Basic Deionization – The principles behind ion exchange are explained with an emphasis on softening and basic concepts of deionization.

* Arsenic: Chemistry, Occurrence and Removal – A course that offers an overview of arsenic‚s various forms, where it‚s most prevalent and the most effective removal technologies. Links to the latest health research on arsenic also are included.

Additional new courses will be introduced on a regular basis, Rowzee said. For more information, visit www.wqa.org; 630-505-0160.


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