West Basin Municipal Water District Taps Filanc-HDR Team for Title 22 Water Pretreatment System

Team Previously Selected for Water Recycling Plant Phase IV Expansion

Consumers of recycled water in the West Basin Municipal Water District will have a more robust system processing the water, thanks to a new pretreatment system. West Basin Municipal Water District asked a Filanc Construction/HDR joint venture to design and construct a 20-mgd pretreatment system for Title 22 recycled water. The District previously requested that the Filanc/HDR team provide design-build services for expansion of water recycling capabilities in its Barrier Water Treatment and Title 22 Treatment Systems at its El Segundo water recycling facility.
The quality of source wastewater available to West Basin for recycling has deteriorated significantly over the past year. The District determined that a high-rate clarification system upstream of the facility’s Title 22 filters is necessary to improve the influent wastewater quality. The clarification system will accelerate settling of particles in the wastewater, producing higher quality influent water for recycling for Title 22 product water. The $ 5.7 million pretreatment modifications will provide a 20 mgd average rated capacity, with provisions for ultimate build-out at 60 mgd, in approximately 12 months from Notice-to-Proceed using the design-build approach.
The $44.3 million original Phase IV Expansion Project will increase production of recycled water for the West Coast Seawater Barrier Recharge Project by 5 mgd and will also increase the production of Title 22 recycled water by 10 mgd. Upgrades to the existing Barrier Water Treatment System also will be installed, improving the efficiency of the treatment process and the quality of barrier product water. The expanded facility is expected to become fully operational in early 2006. Predesign was recently completed.
Capacity increases will be achieved through design and construction of new facilities at the plant. Upgrades/expansion to the Barrier Water Treatment System include cartridge filters, chemical addition, microfiltration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet irradiation, hydrogen peroxide addition and product water pump station. Expansion of the Title 22 Treatment System includes conversion of an existing clarifier and filters, an additional product water storage tank and pump station, and modifications to the existing disinfection system.

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